Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED Consultancy

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building certification program widely accepted worldwide that is focused primarily on new commercial building projects. Developed by the non-profit U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) it has established a set of rating systems for the design construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings, homes, to entire neighbourhood and communities that aims to help building owners and operators be responsible and use resources efficiently.
USGBC developed LEED as a way to determine and assess what is perceived to be “green buildings” to evaluate the environmental impact of a building and prompt the market and building owners towards the use of sustainable design. The system is credit point based, thereby enables projects to earn points for environmentally friendly proceedings taken during design, construction and operation of the building. LEED certified buildings are more energy efficient and cause less damage to the environment. These buildings as a result develops into a more healthy and sustainable living spaces.
Obtaining LEED certificationmay require considerable higher upfront expenditure on the part of property owners, but on the other hand it yields massive cost savings in the long-term by the means of local tax breaks and higher rents, increase value of the building, in addition to the international recognition and prestige to the buildings and builder developers brought upon by having a LEED certification.
SEEDpro'sLEED accredited consultants support developers and property owners to successfully integrate LEED sustainable standards into their projects, and facilitate the implementation of sustainability target requirements to attain the client's desired certification level. As an organization dedicated to energy efficiency, we work hand in hand with project teams to help optimize designs and achieve the highest levels of sustainability in a cost effective and value adding approach. SEEDpro also provide all essential strategies and specialist studies that may be necessary to achieve LEED compliance.